Hands On:  Lessons in life

A wonderful experience with local students who came to Selah to learn how to kneed dough and bake loaves of bread.  In turn, this next-generation of social leaders showed us  the basic desire of learning something new, rolling up our sleeves and giving it our all, and to donate all the  bread to the Soujourn House.  A timeless testimony indeed.

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Warmth and Food
The Warren MIssion, our honored guests at Selah

We were blessed to have residents of the Warren Family Mission grace our restaurant with their smiles and hugs as we all braved the wintry weather with roast beef, cornish game hen, fresh-baked rolls, and cupcakes of course.  Even if for just a brief few hours, we took a break from life and the holiday stress, broke hread together, listened to some pretty cool music, and enjoyed each others' company... we think the Warren Mission folks had a great time too!

The best food in town mingles with the best people in town.  Notable thanks to our dear friends who gave their time, prayers, and support.

The Human War

We love the arts at Selah, and we we're proud to be the caterer of this talented production team during the filming of The Human War.  We wish our friends from Los Angeles and New York great success and as always, welcome their return for a cup of coffee should their journies return them to Youngstown. 
  Selah sponsors WYSU and underwrites The Splendid Table, 88.5 FM

When not working at the restaurant, the owners and many of the staff at Selah provide support to Top Hat Productions and their own mission to support the community through the arts.  The team at Top Hat puts into practice the spirit of teamwork, arts, training, and outreach.

Selah and Dorothy Day House of Hospitality
The Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown and the Sisters of the Humility of Mary have transformed a building in Youngstown to provide meals for the homeless.  Selah Restaurant, in collaboration with Top Hat Productions, are humbled to provide meals for the Dorothy Day House.l  If you'd like to get in contact with this organization, give us a call.